Top places to eat in Phu Quoc island.


Being a small island but Phu Quoc does have a number of recommened restaurants and  maybe even a larger of number not-so-recommended restaurants. To help you navigating through the island as well as going into the right restaurants, here are  the recommeded restaurants on Phu Quoc island.

>>  Raw herring a famous cuisine in Phu Quoc.

Ai Xiem

Ai Xiem Restaurant via Phu Quoc Travel.

Ai Xiem offers diners an excellent taste of Phu Quoc’s seafood; come here to try succulent barbecued tiger prawns and roasted barracuda, all plated charmingly on large clay dishes. Food is served outdoors here as the venue idyllically opens onto Bai Sao Beach. Take the opportunity to enjoy some first-class fish while reclining on the sand.

Mango Bay Restaurant

Mango Bay is another peaceful joint situated on the sand of Phu Quoc, and is the provider of the largest seafood menu on the island. Crab, mussels and prawns are popular here, and there is also a wide range of ice-cold ales available to follow the food. Check out their quaint shop filled with books and board games, top activities to enjoy while enjoying some seafood and stretching on the sand.

Gop Gio

A firm favorite with locals, Gop Gio Restaurant exudes a casual atmosphere perfect for having a laid-back dining experience. Is any visit to Phu Quoc complete without a trip to this restaurant? Arguably not, with the fried shrimp and squid, fried pork with rice, sweet and sour squid and fish hot pot being some seriously flavorful dishes that won’t leave diners disappointed.

Itaca Resto Lounge

Itaca Resto Lounge via 

If you want to step away from the seafood side of Phu Quoc, visitors can get a great taste of Spanish culture and cuisine at Itaca Restaurant and Lounge. A true culinary gem where the East meets the West with style, Itaca’s specialities are Catalan and Mediterranean dishes with an Asian twist. Top dishes include the Spanish omelet and the tasty paella. Local products and Spanish spices create flavors here which aren’t to be found anywhere else on the island.

Zen Seafood Restaurant

Zen Seafood Restaurant is a coastal establishment with beautiful views of the waterside. This seafront location also brings a wealth of unusual items to the menu; sweet snail, soft-skin crab, mantis shrimp, jellyfish and eels can all be eaten. The squid eggs steamed with ginger are a particularly rare offering, served with a fresh salad and some good wine.

Le Cap Breton Restaurant

Phu Quoc is a place without many French restaurants, with Le Cap Breton being one of the only ones serving truly delicious and authentic plates. Terrine on toast, beef steak cubes with onion and sweet pepper, and salad le cap breton all offer diners a taste of Paris in Phu Quoc, and if seeking something from even further afield the wines here are imported from such places as Chile, Australia and New Zealand. The spring rolls here are prepared according to a traditional Vietnamese recipe, and are delicious.

The Spice House at Cassia Cottage

Located in Cassia Cottage, a famous resort in Phu Quoc, the Spice House proclaims that they only use natural and freshly selected ingredients from the resort’s own farms. Visitors here can enjoy a meal either in the charming tropical garden by the sea, or on the beautiful beach. Generous portions, excellent service and a diverse menu elevate this place as a top choice for diners looking for the best of the best. Don’t miss the fried clams here; delicious.

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